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Flow, Abundance & Higher Consciousness Through Numerology and Akashic Record Readings

Come and explore your Soul Map and discover which Facets of your Soul Diamond you came to polish.


Then learn how to unwind the karmic patterns, programming and fear-based beliefs that keep you from sparkling and shining magnificently.


These readings are intended to reveal your energetic blueprint, provide you with knowledge of your own distinct vibration, and guide you on how to work with your energy in terms of karma, difficulties, and expression.


A Letter from Facets Founder, Megan Coetzee

Hello Beautiful Soul, welcome to Facets, my name is Megan


Questions like “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose here on Earth?” have intrigued me for as long as I can remember. Seeking answers has lead me on an ever-unfolding journey of self-discovery and learning to remember and reclaim my multi-dimensional galactic self.  

I was born in the beautiful rainbow nation of South Africa and I currently reside with my family in the Mother City, Cape Town held in the arms of the mountain range that forms the Helderberg Basin. 

Although I grew up in a conservative small town, my parents were young hippies and my mother studied astrology, so I was raised in a home where I could freely explore and express my spirituality and the mystical and esoteric side of life. Before the age of seven, I communicated with and saw two of my Spirit Guides and spoke to them in a language which I now know was Light Language. It took me a while to make sense of this and even longer to feel safe to talk about my beliefs and experiences. 

I did my time in the corporate world and worked in the financial services industry for 19 years. Although I loved my work, it didn’t feel fulfilling enough. There was this niggling feeling that my Soul was yearning to do something else.  I could not ignore this calling anymore and in 2015, I started to untangle myself from full time employment and partnered with my husband to start our own international relocation business.  This has given me space to pursue and weave in my spiritual interests and studies, and I have been walking with a foot in both worlds since.  

Whilst working and being a mother to three gorgeous children, I have studied and practiced spiritual sciences, healing arts, and done some creative and therapeutic courses.  Some of these include Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, Reiki, Anthroposophy, Theosophy, Ascended Master Teachings, Hero Book Facilitator Training, Pythagorean Numerology, Akashic Record Reading and healing in the Quantum Field, Gene Keys and Lenormand Card Reading. 

I have also had the immense privilege of travelling to a few sacred sites around the world and tuning into and healing with the ancient, sacred wisdom and energies that Mother Gaia holds at these power spots. I never want to stop doing this.  

As a perpetual student, and striving spiritual teacher, server of humanity and vision holder for the Starseed mission on Earth, my service and offering involves the pulling together of all the strands that I have collected and moved through and blends and draws on these learnings, experiences and modalities when working with my clients.  

Nothing makes me happier than when there is a reconnecting, remembering and understanding of who you are, why you have chosen to be here at this time and what you have come to work with, heal and transform so that you may reach your highest potential and live a magnificent life. 

Being a witness to your unique soul map, essence and journey,  learning to anchor Facets of your higher self into your physical body here at this time and unwinding the karmic patterns, programming and fear-based beliefs that keep you from experiencing this magnificence is all part of the process. 

This sacred work we do with ourselves not only benefits us but ripples out into the world, assisting humanity as a whole and our beautiful Mother Earth in her ascension and evolution.

If you feel drawn to my offering and feel ready to say a big YES! to you, come journey with me. I would love to connect with you!

With so much love



Why Facets: What’s in a Name?


A name is a very powerful word as it has its own unique vibration and carries a message. 


The name “Facets” came to Megan many years ago as a student studying Marketing. While developing an advertising campaign, she chose the name Facets for her make-believe advertising agency and the name has stuck with her ever since. 


Many years later, on a pilgrimage, Megan was admiring the finely-detailed gold carvings in the main nave in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral in Argentina. It struck her that people hardly encounter that fine creative detail in places of worship (or any new buildings, for that matter) these days.

The question arose: “Why does it feel like some of us are regressing in our abilities that we bring through in each incarnation?”


The answer she received from a wise friend was, “We are not regressing. Our souls are like multi-faceted diamonds and each incarnation we come to polish a facet or two of that diamond. We don’t really know how many of our diamond’s Facets are already polished and shining brightly but we choose to come here and do the work.” 


Every time we reincarnate, the soul returns in physical form to master specific Facets.

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