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Numerology Readings:
Gain Insight Into Your Unique Life Path

The goal of these one-on–one online numerology readings is to support you in discovering your individual Soul Map and to offer advice as you navigate the cycles, pinnacles and challenges you may face.


Numerology reveals your unique birth code and your Soul’s contract.

It offers hints about past lives and themes that the Soul has been trying to perfect.

It makes evident the people, experiences and circumstances you attract (and, in fact, need to draw to yourself) to fulfill your destiny.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers, their esoteric meaning, and influence on our lives. It reveals the language of the universe. It is a belief in the Divine and mystical relationship between numbers and events such as birthdates and names. Each number corresponds to a colour, sound and vibration. Just as the planets have an influence on us, so do numbers. 


Each person’s chart is unique. Your birthdate and name is an earthly contract which was determined before you were born; a blueprint of the vibrations you chose to experience and work with in this life. Your numerology chart is a roadmap to guide you on your journey in this incarnation.


We all have karmic patterns to unravel and lessons to learn. Our Numerology chart gives us clearer guidelines and markers as to how we can take responsibility for this and bring to fruition the transcendence and healing of the things we are working on in this life and for some of us, things we have been working on for many lifetimes.


Numerology gives us an objective and reflective view of ourselves by bringing what lives deep within our soul to conscious awareness. It not only helps us to know ourselves better but also assists us in understanding others. This goes a long way in teaching us empathy, compassion and understanding of others who we share any form of relationship with in our lives.


Armed with this awareness, knowledge and understanding, we are able to live into our full divine human potential.


Your birth name and date are neither random nor unintentional. To learn lessons that can only be learnt while in a material form, the soul travels to earth in a physical body.

Is A Numerology Reading Really For Me?

The concept underpinning Pythagorean Numerology is that an individual's birth date and birth name provides you with an inner road map, self-knowledge and insight into your life.


In this sense, your chart is a map of your psyche, a blueprint of the energies and drives which make up a person and their potentials. We are given the potentials, what we do with them is up to us. The depths of a Numerology chart are vast and as a result, it frequently offers deep knowing and astonishing insights about who you are, where you have come from, your life purpose and where you are headed.


According to the theory that there are no coincidences in the universe, your name and birth date influence the path you will take and the qualities you will possess, just as some people read signs or destinies using horoscopes or astrology.


In its most complete form, numerology offers much more than a reading or an understanding of your personal characteristics. In fact, a lot of people that support and adhere to numerology are successful celebrities who credit it with launching their careers.


The science of numbers reveals your obstacles to you. It can point you in the right direction based on where you are on your evolutionary path and may contribute to your success.


The secret to a fulfilled life is written in numbers. Numerology reveals your purpose and mission during this lifetime.

How Can Numerology Readings Help Me?

A personalised numerology reading maps out your unique numbers and reveals:


  • Your life purpose and the potential pathways that may lead to that purpose

  • Your natural gifts and talents (and any hidden talents) How you can master the cycles in your life that mark important moments and transitional experiences

  • Any major lessons and challenges you have had or will experience in life

  • Your Soul urge and what you yearn to express

  • How your external image is perceived and what reaction this is prompting from others (including what they might not be telling you)

  • Your true strengths and weaknesses

  • Your karmic lessons and present life opportunities to harmonize these

  • Your health and wellbeing and any areas you might need to be mindful of

  • How you can live into your destiny and reach your lifelong goal

  • How you can gain an empowered perspective when making decisions and gaining control when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed

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