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Akashic Records

Akashic Records Reading:
Understand Your Soul Healing Journey Better

Most of us are too preoccupied with surviving the human experience to remember that we are multidimensional beings. Your Soul, the core of who you are, has likely lived many lives before becoming the person you are now.


Our karmic journey has left us with both difficulties and triumphs. By learning more about your Soul's journey, you can better comprehend, heal, and succeed in this life right now.


An Akashic Records Reading can help you identify your Soul’s core traits that contribute to your human personality and notice any blocks to achieving your goals and potential.


The energetic imprint of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, memories, and acts from each existence is preserved in the Akashic Records.

What are Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic collection of all universal thoughts, words, emotions, events and intentions ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future for all entities and life forms.  You can just imagine the vastness of this energetic and vibrational database. Each entity and life form has its own unique Akashic Records and we are able to go in (with permission of course) and access these records to assist us with healing, understanding so much more of the bigger picture and changing our lives for the better.


You may be feeling stuck, unable to move forward with clarity and purpose. There may be areas of your life where you don’t feel free. 


Akashic Record readings and coaching sessions are designed to help you clarify the areas where inner work is needed. You may have lingering trauma in your cells and limiting beliefs in your sub-conscious mind resulting in you not feeling free, living in a self-made prison and repeating the same patterns and cycles over and over.


You may also not be clear on your vision and desires for your life – you may be living the dreams or expectations of others, parents, society, culture, etc. Or maybe you don’t believe in yourself. You may feel not good enough, unworthy of the abundance, joy and peace that are rightfully yours.


When we work in the records, each session will focus on a particular area you feel called to heal and work with. The Records can assist us in so many Facets of our lives and help us heal multi-dimensionally.


Each Soul has its own unique gifts and specific ways of manifesting the human experience.

Is An Akashic Records Reading Really For Me?

Loosely translated from its Sanskrit roots, Akashic means ‘that which holds all’. This information "database" is essentially a vast library of knowledge that spans all realms and dimensions.


The Records can also be compared to a celestial mirror that reflects our decisions and wishes and, if necessary, allows us to speak with our Higher Self to learn how our own decisions have affected us.


Trauma can be handed down through the generations - physically (genetically), psychologically and metaphysically.


Accessing and unlocking your Akashic Records can help you unwind the ancestral karmic patterns and free yourself while opening the door to grace and blessings from the Quantum Field.


How Can Akashic Record Readings Help Me?

Here are just some of the areas that we work with:


  • Understanding your Soul essence and gifts

  • Clarifying your purpose

  • Finding your Starseed connections

  • Healing trauma and clearing on the physical (cellular and DNA), emotional, mental and spiritual levels

  • Discover your karmic and past life patterns and what is keeping you feeling stuck 

  • Transcend and transmute ancestral, family and cultural karmic patterns

  • Shadow work and archetypes

  • Learning to manifest

  • Health

  • Finances

  • Relationships

  • Careers

  • Businesses

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