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Decode Your Life and Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Soul Mapping & Self Discovery Through Numerology and Akashic Records

It's never too late to learn more about yourself, embrace change, grow and choose the life you desire. Whether you're aiming to improve your relationships, choose a career, understand challenges, or deal with health issues, Numerology and Akashic Record readings can help you see your life from a completely new perspective.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck or seeking to understand your unique journey a little better, a private session can help you access important information that, once revealed, will open up a roadmap for your Soul and lead you on a path of happiness, understanding, and peace.

Uncover Your Purpose With a Private Online Numerology Reading

One of the most meaningful and profound things you will ever do for yourself is booking a session with a professional Numerologist. 


If you’re feeling blocked and frustrated in your relationships, career, finances or purpose, a reading can help you discover where you are at and what you need to do to get unstuck. 


If you’re missing out on opportunities and tired of trying to figure things out on your own, a numerology session can help you get clear about your unique codes and destiny. 


Connect Deeply and Evolve Through a Private Akashic Records Reading

You can connect with your Soul, learn about your gifts, purpose, and what your Soul wants to express and experience in this lifetime with the aid of the Akashic Records. 


The Records also reveal your Soul essence and gifts and the blocks and barriers that are keeping you from truly living in your truth and reaching your potential in this lifetime.


If you are longing to live into the highest expression of your Soul, an Akashic Record reading can help you open the doorway to your truth. 

As Clairvoyant Medium and full time Teacher and Healer since 2014, Megan is on top of my list as my go to people when I move through stuff. She did my Akashic Records for me 2021 and I rescheduled this appointment for a whole year, not kidding.

Deep down on a subconscious-mind level I knew it would be a big one.


She connected with me three months ago August 2022 and said it's time you have to come. And there was the most deepest raw and loving shift I experienced with the most important Male energy in my life, my father. My whole body went into energetic paralysis as she read the soul contract for the highest good of all involved. This changed the whole dynamic between me and my father's energy into the highest form of love I have ever experienced. It also changed my relationship dynamics with myself like never ever before.  I'm on a total whole complete self love journey with me now.

She embodies this safe, loving, motherly energy yet it's strong and you will safely crumble and transform into the highest expression of yourself. My father passed away two months ago and the Divine timing of her reaching out to me to work through this gave me the opportunity to heal and transform before he left the earth plane.


The world needs authentic Healers and Teachers like Megan. Forever grateful. Thank you.

Natasha Wilscott


No Matter Where You Are on Your Journey, There is a Soul Mapping Experience For You

Facets readings are for people dealing with transitions, relationship problems, job changes, choosing a career or what to study, children growing up and leaving home, death, and health challenges … these are all transitional experiences that can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. With a personalised reading, you can clear the fog and gain a new perspective. 


If you're  experiencing an intense feeling of “something’s gotta’ give,” Facets sessions can open you up to the messages your Soul and the Universe is holding for you.  

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