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7 7 7 - A Portal of Mastery

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Tomorrow, 7 July 2023, we have a 7 7 7 portal or doorway in time.

For those of you familiar with Numerology, you will know that we are currently in a 7 Universal Year (2023: 2+0+2+3 = 7) and so, tomorrow, the 7th day of the 7th month in a 7 Universal Year gives us a triple 7.

Each number has an energy, a soul, a vibration and frequency and 7 just happens to be one of my favourite numbers because it represents truth seeking and spiritual wisdom. The 7 lies with it's top horizontal line on the surface, parallel to the earth plane and its downward leg reaches down into the deepest parts of our inner landscape. This is where all the gems are created and found, deep down beneath the surface.

There are many attributes to the number 7 and most of them refer to the unseen, that which is hidden, wisdom, sacrifice, lessons, initiations, secrets, knowledge, spirituality, refinement, perfection and aloofness. So in this Universal 7 Year, things that have been hidden, kept secret, our shadows are being brought up into the light to be seen, worked with and integrated. My numerology teacher once said that Pythagoras would teach students that had prominent 7’s in their charts this spiritual science as he knew that they would be able to keep these teachings secret, which at the time was vital if you wanted to avoid persecution and preserve your life and I suppose he also did this to ensure that the mysteries were kept safe and holy.

I am so grateful to be alive at this point in history where it is no longer necessary to keep this ancient wisdom secret and hidden. In fact, it is vital that this is taught and shared as widely as possible now so that we may master and refine the body, mind, spirit temple of the Divinity within our beings. Be sure to be gentle with yourself as you gather momentum and courage to reveal the parts of you that you have kept hidden, share your wisdom, your truth, your voice and your message. I have to keep reminding myself of this as the fear is real but boy oh boy it is such a relief and so empowering when you do.

I am committed and passionate about teaching and sharing your unique Soul Map and Numerology blueprint with you as a tool to “know thyself” in the deepest way possible. So that you may resonate and vibrate with your completely unique soul song that you came to sing in this life.

In Numerology, we analyse your birth date. Your birth date is a doorway in time, a moment that you chose to enter this 3D reality, this physical realm and experience duality, leaving behind the oneness and the quantum space where there is no linear time as we know it here. This moment in time provides part of the Soul Map for your life and all the potentials that have been prepared for you and that exist within you.

To discover the other parts of your inner road map and purpose we look closely at the vibrations of the most powerful words in your life, your Birth Name. Your Name holds a divine promise of opportunity and ultimately your Destiny, always remembering that you have the freedom to choose how you will live your life, live into your destiny and fulfill your purpose. Remember, there is always choice.

So, let’s move through this 777 portal or doorway in time tomorrow, a time of mastery and refinement armed with all the spiritual wisdom and power we have to powerfully co-create a more beautiful world and future we all know is possible. It is also no coincidence that 7+7+7=21/3 - which is all about creation and creative expression. The feminine 2 and the masculine 1 combining to create a child and form the Trinity. 21 is also a coming of age number as we receive the key to life on our 21st birthday and venture into young adulthood. The word PEACE also adds up to 21/3 – so let’s get our creative juices flowing, sharing our voice and our message whether it be written, spoken, danced, painted – there are a myriad of ways to imagine, vision, create and master the life you desire and the world you wish to live in.

I desire PEACE so let’s dive in and do this. See you on the other side.

Much love


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