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8-8-2023 - Lions Gate Portal

Hello everyone!

I am checking in to see how you are all doing during this run up to the Lions Gate Portal on 8-8-2023.

As I mentioned in my previous 7-7-7 blog, we are in a Universal 7 year – all the things that have been kept supressed, secret, hidden and in the shadows are being brought into the light. The whole gamut of karmic, generational and ancestral patterns and trauma, our own childhood wounds are all being shifted into focus this year for us to have a look at.

Some of us have been doing the work for a while now, delving into various healing modalities and practices that have helped us to answer some of the questions, get a better understanding, unwind and repattern some of this. If you haven’t been doing any of the healing work, you may have realised that we can no longer ignore it. It is being amplified – can you feel it?

strength tarot card lion's gate portal

We are being asked to have a good and honest look and feel into what is not working and what we want to release as we move into this next phase of our evolution.

We are all being asked to either move way from or repattern the trauma, relationships and stories that are no longer working and that are too painful for us and our families to continue to bear and carry. You no longer need to repeat any of this or hold onto the old pain and stories. It’s time to let go and choose a new way.

The areas where you are being asked to pay attention to and put the spotlight on are clearly shown in your Numerology chart. The aspects and portal ways I am personally working with this year are all to do with the Number 6. This year, I am in a 6 Personal Year and in a 6 Pinnacle Cycle. 6 is the arena of relationships, responsibility, learning about boundaries and self-love. It is also about serving, teaching, expanding, emotional depth and being selfless. 2023 has been all of this.

The past couple of months have been tough with caring for and then losing my father. My brother and his family emigrating to Canada. My eldest moving out of the house and now all the buried and unhealed aspects within myself and in the people with whom I share personal relationships are rearing their heads and demanding immediate attention. It is intense and hugely uncomfortable, but I feel uncannily safe and supported because I know what it is I am dealing with and having to move through. I have learnt that I can consciously choose how I want to respond to this. I can believe that all these trials are here to bring me down and see myself as a victim to the challenges I am facing, or I can choose to believe that I am so supported and loved because I have not forgotten who I am in my essence and what my Soul and I signed up for.

strength bible verse

I sat down earlier last week and exasperatedly pleaded with my guides to please give me some advice and they answered by drawing my attention to one of my Tarot Decks. I pulled the Strength card which reminded me that I can tap into the wild wisdom and Strength that is in me. I can face these challenges and conflict with compassionate awareness, faith, courage, and unconditional love. Just in case I didn’t get the memo, I received this little message in my post box a day later.

Embrace it all as we move through this together in Strength and sovereignty so that we can accomplish the destiny we came here to fulfil.

Sending you this with much love and Strength


P.S. If you need a reminder or want to find out what your numbers are asking you to focus on, book a reading and let’s have a look see.

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