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​Sekhmet – The Fierce and Loving Mother. Part Four

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

In the few minutes that we were in there staring into Sekhmet’s eyes, the message I received from Sekhmet and Sabine was that we are strong. It is time to heal the wounds and the damage inflicted upon humanity, perpetuated over the past few thousand years. Damage to both the feminine and the masculine aspects. It is time to let go of the victim mentality once and for all. We are no longer casualties of the patterns in our ancestral lineage, patterns of abuse, illness, persecution, abandonment and betrayal. The line stops here, and we had to travel all the way to Egypt to have this experience so that this message could be relayed. In an instant flash, I saw my daughter’s children yet to be born and it was clearly shown to me that these patterns stop here with us, we are the ones to release it and end these perpetuating cycles.

Victim consciousness has kept us hidden, frozen, slaves to martyrdom, addiction, self-pity, and co- dependency. It has held us back from truly claiming and standing in our power, being independent co-creators, sovereign, nurturing and sensual beings. Believing in victim-hood and weakening ourselves has kept us from being able to set healthy boundaries and protect ourselves from nefarious and parasitic energies and disease.

I had to take a hard and honest look at myself and take stock of where victim consciousness was keeping me stuck. I was keeping my spiritual work hidden because I was terrified of being judged and persecuted. My health was being affected by an auto-immune disease. My sense of self-worth and my relationships were compromised because I was buying into this victim mentality. Since this experience in Egypt and subsequent release, my roles and experiences as a mother, wife and daughter are shifting to the lighter, more creative attributes of nurturing, comforting, healing, service, unconditional love and compassion as opposed to the denser more destructive attributes of ​smothering, controlling, overwhelm, abandonment, suffering, victim-hood and abuse. The victim-hood pattern has cropped up many times when working with my clients and it takes great courage to look this in the eye and to admit that this pattern has been playing itself out in our lives, however, once there is an acknowledgement and recognition, it is incredible how it unravels itself and loses its grip. The ego does not like giving this one up and it takes a complete mind and energetic shift to move from believing life and things are happening to us, versus us being in the driving seat and co-creating the life and experiences we wish to have. Many of us are being called to sacred and ancient sights and places like Egypt so that we may remember. Remember who and what we are, remember the cycles of life, death and rebirth, to remember our own divinity and cosmic connection and most importantly to remember that we are strong, powerful creative and spiritual beings as we strive for liberation from the lower nature forces and energies.

All of this wisdom is held and depicted so magnificently in the statues, hieroglyphs, imagery and architecture in Egypt and I will be forever grateful for this wonderous and life-altering experience with Sekhmet and my Mother.

With much love Megan

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Apr 11, 2023

Wow. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

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