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Sekhmet – The Fierce and Loving Mother. Part One

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

I had heard of her, but nothing could have prepared me for the life-changing and powerful experience we had with this ancient Egyptian solar deity. A lion-headed Goddess with a woman’s body.

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Statue of the Goddess Sekhmet

My intention of sharing this story with you is to convey a message that I feel is much needed at this time, and I truly hope that in sharing, it offers you some hope, strength and courage on your journey.

In January of 2023 my daughter and I joined a group of 15 other beautiful Souls on a trip to Egypt with Michelle Leske from Awakening the Goddess – Goddess Retreats. Egypt has never really been on top of my list of places to visit until last year when the opportunity came up, the call to travel there suddenly felt compelling and urgent. I also wasn’t entirely sure why I had an overwhelming sense that my 15 year old daughter needed to come with me. It was a big ask financially and I am so appreciative and grateful that we were able make this journey a reality. A few weeks before the trip, I was excited but also felt a bit apprehensive. As the days drew nearer, I knew on some level, there was no turning back and that I wasn’t going to be the same person after this experience.

I found myself at a threshold, a part of me knew this trip was going to be the start of something big and something new. The word I chose as a theme for this year and the Egypt trip was – Expansion – I wished to experience radical shifts and expansion in my consciousness and being. I had no idea what this would look like and so I just surrendered into the experience. I usually try and read up and research as much as possible before a trip and this time I decided to ask my intellect just to sit on the side lines while I opened my heart to receive the energies, transmissions and teachings of this magical place.

Numerologically, 2023 is a 7 universal year and in January, I was also in a personal 7 month. 7 is one of my favourite numbers and I intend to share a lot more about this fascinating number in the not-too-distant future as it kept popping up all over the place in Egypt.

The 7 is all about going inward, delving into the depths, unearthing that which has been hidden – secrets and knowledge. It is also about wisdom, spiritual growth and evolution. I would say, a perfect month and year number for exploring the mysteries and the depths of ancient Egypt.

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