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​Sekhmet – The Fierce and Loving Mother. Part Three

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

​She took my breath away - her presence commands reverence.

I lifted my head to gaze into her eyes and immediately I sensed the loving presence of my mother Sabine, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2019. Since my mother’s passing, I have been unable to establish a clear connection with her. Whenever I have dreamt about her she has either had her back to me, didn’t speak or I was unable to reach her.

There in Luxor, standing in front of Sekhmet the veil between worlds was extremely thin and my mother used this opportunity to reach us.

​In what felt like seconds, she and Sekhmet transmitted a message to me. I will convey the message shortly but first I need to tell you what else happened. While staring into Sekhmet’s eyes, my daughter, standing next to me, just burst into tears and our dear friend came over to hold her as she sobbed.

I knew she was in good hands as I received the rest of the transmission. As soon as we were done, I led my daughter outside into to the Sun so that I could talk to her and see if she was okay. Initially she was speechless and then after a little more insistence from me, she said that as soon as she stared into Sekhmet’s eyes, her grandmother was standing in front of her. Oh, my goodness!! I was gobsmacked. My daughter was in shock, as this was such an undeniably vivid visual encounter with my mother in spirit form.

An additional confirmation from Spirit was revealed by the two hawks flying above us. Sokar or Seker is a hawk or falcon god of Ancient Egypt who was known as a patron of the living, as well as a protector of the dead.

As if that was not all enough, there was a man, who looked and dressed like Jesus, walking around the ruins. He kept on staring at us and then eventually made his way over. With piercing blue eyes and in a German accent, (my mother was of German descent), he said that whatever we experienced in there was the end of it. It stops now. That person is no longer here. He turned around and disappeared.

Astonished, I got up to check where he had gone. He had literally vanished. My daughter and I looked at each other and then just started to laugh hysterically with a mixture of bewilderment, disbelief, joy and sadness all at once.

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